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The Brief

Swimkidz had worked with other sign companies previously to try and translate their visual language on to their fleet but had not been happy with results. So the first step was for our design team to sit down with brand design creators “Space” and Swimkidz to map out how to incorporate the energetic illustrations into the vehicle livery whilst key information on Swimkidz remained clear for the onlooker.

The idea

We wanted to incorporate as much of the fun illustrations as we could. Everyone wanted to deliver a real visual impact. To give us enough space and to do the overall concept justice we decided on a full wrap starting with a Chevrolet Trax.

the Technical stuff

Using 3M IJ180 series vinyl with overlaminate for durability, this car is completely wrapped and has become an eye-catching advertisement and cannot fail to be noticed, for all the right reasons. Not only is it a high impact advert, but the vehicle’s paintwork is also protected, which means that in years to come when they want to remove it, the paintwork will be in as good a condition as the day we wrapped it, and will no doubt help with its residual value. Which is a nice added bonus.

The final result

Our in-house design team did a great job incorporating the characters on the branded cars whilst leaving enough space that the onlooker could enjoy the artwork and still understand who the company was and what they do. We have since branded their entire fleet which are playing an important role in building brand recognition.

The Swimkidz branding applied to a Volkswagen, Audi, Chevrolet and Ford.

See more Case Studies for more examples, or Contact Us to find out more about how Elite can help make your vehicle stand out.

Fun, vibrant graphics for a service catering to expectant mothers, babies and young children.

Swimkidz offers an innovative and unique baby swimming programme that begins during pregnancy and continues past birth. Every member of their team has been comprehensively trained with a qualification that is recognised both domestically and internationally. The team travel to the pools in branded cars as part of their promotional strategy on site.

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