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Kick-start my heart

1996 … What a year:

Take That split up. 
The Spice Girls take over.  
Mad Cow Disease has everyone wondering about the dodgy microwave lasagne they just scoffed. 
Wales is divided into 22 unitary authorities.
Bill Clinton is re-elected as President. 
The Prince and Princess of Wales get divorced… and… 

Elite Signs is born!

Despite an economic downturn (sound familiar?), Clive and Barrie kick-started Elite Signs with a vision of making local companies stand out in the marketplace through attention-grabbing signage. 

Like a nuclear powered DMC DeLorean, the wheels of time spin fast and now, here we are roaring into our 25th Anniversary year. 

2020 trended low on the Fun-ometer (we have the official one here at Elite Signs) and, so far, 2021 looks like being much the same. So we decided to commemorate our important year by updating our fleet branding with a bit of help from you guys!

Exploring Ideas

Our GT version of  the ultimate 25th Year wrap started early in 2020. From futuristic, Tron-like facelifts with reflective materials, to funky colour blends, it’s fair to say each of us had our spin on what would do our 25th-year fleet wrap justice. 

After a few “passionate” discussions in the Elite Design Studio about the merits of each option, we decided on a strategy around three things we all agreed on: 

  1. We wanted to honour the past, but in a reimagined way. 
  2. We wanted it to be fun both in how it looked and how the design was created.
  3. We’d bought an Audi TT, so the design needed to match the car.

Choosing the Options

With our strategy in place, we agreed that the end look would be a retro-inspired racing style that made the most of our bold colourway.   

We had already created several designs we really liked, with many elements that worked together, and so decided to inject another level of excitement by asking our social media friends to co-create the final design. After a swap-shop session of testing how the design elements worked together, we were confident knowing the elements would work together, so we ran a series of polls which created a real buzz, resulting in the final design coming as a complete surprise to us all. 

design time

With the design choices locked in thanks to all your votes, it was time to make the design official. 

Our Design Team took time to carefully translate the art concept, unpacking the design elements into working design files that can deliver concept to reality. At this point, we also had to do a bit of forward thinking, as we wanted the concept to translate to our entire fleet for consistency and increased brand recognition. 

From ensuring the racing stripes would line up, to adding the ‘racing damage’ effect, the design phase went well and it was time to start producing the materials for the wrap. 


Once the design had been finalised, it was up to the production team to carefully setup the wrap to seamlessly flow from sides to front and back to sides and replicate the winning design that was voted for. Even down to the angle of the stripes that flow from sides to the front and rear.

To enhance the weathered and aged look, we opted to use our Roland large format printer and print onto Arlon wrap media with a durable matte overlaminate, rather than the popular gloss laminate that we use on a daily basis when branding client vehicles.


“Stoked” only just covers how we feel about the final design. It just makes us want to drive it like we stole it! (We didn’t, we bought it locally!)

Emotive, bold and colourful, the Elite 96 Edition evokes the passion that drives us with a nostalgic reminder that we are fortunate to do what we love.


We launched the design as a video on our Social Media Channels to share Trailbreaker with everyone who voted. 

Edition 96 is now out on general release, living life a quarter of a mile at a time! #elite96

The Next Stage

Our Design team are in the process of adapting the design to our fleet. We are considering varying it slightly to present the Van in the style of the TT’s Road Crew. The Ranger looks ready to rock.

If you would like to turn your vehicle or fleet into a marketing asset that grabs attention and generates word of mouth, then contact us for an initial chat about how we can help.

Designing our fleet Audi TT

We gave our Audi a special livery to mark our 25th Anniversary.

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